Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this project exist? How did this site start?

Course scheduling originally involved lots of sites and lots of spreadsheets. In March 2015, we decided to implement a simple hack of what is now the schedule page. When we released, we received lots of positive feedback from students (and faculty) over the course of a year and a half. uva schedule | me was redesigned from the ground-up in October 2016, launched a beta in March 2017, and released the current version in October 2017.

What's the best way to use this site?

Browse lets you look through the courses offered for the semester and Schedule lets you arrange those classes the way you see fit. Grades shows you historic grade data and evaluations for courses. Search is available throughout the site.

You should explore and do whatever works for you - we built the site to be flexible.

Who made this site and who's running it now?

Srikanth Chelluri (computer engineering) and Nikhil Gupta (computer science) - we built it and are currently maintaining it.

What does uva schedule | me mean and is there an abbreviation?

We originally couldn't agree on a name so we just chose something, thinking we would change it later. We got used to it and people stuck with it, so we haven't changed it since. We sometimes abbreviate it as usm.

I saw this other site that has a feature that you don't have - why don't you add it?

We're students, too, and we've seen several tools and their attempts. What you see now is (in our opinion) the most simplified, most intuitive way that we figured people would want to schedule their classes. If you really think a particular feature should be added, let us know.

When I signed up, I saw a tour of each page I visited. How do I see those again?

Click here and next time you're on any page with a tour, it'll show up.

I'm a developer and want to use some of the data you have. How can I do that?

We built an API. We have endpoints for class and grade data that you can use (for free). Reach out to us if you're interested.

Note that we do not (and will not) share any user information via our API.

This site is awesome - how can I get involved?

We're glad that you're enjoying it - reach out to us via email and we'd love to talk. Right now, though, we're not looking for anyone specifically to write code. If you really find it useful, consider donating.

I have a question that's not asked here.

Ask us via email. If lots of people are asking the same question, we'll put it up on this page.